Well, I really screwed up. I may have written before that I was less than excited about the interview today, that I might even skip it. Because I haven't heard from ECC yet, though, I decided I'd better; besides, I've read people's experiences at the interview and they a couple said they had been able to get placed near Tokyo, something impossible with ECC and very unlikely with Geos. I decided, in the end, to go to the interview, if only to see what they had to offer.

But I screwed up. Yesterday, after I made my decision to go ahead and go, I went over my sample lesson and, from my experience at the other interviews, I knew it wouldn't work. So I spent last night - my birthday - trying to think of ideas for the stupid interview. I gave up finally, deciding to enjoy myself for at least a little bit that night, then wake up at 7 and suffer through the day. The interview was at 1:30, so I figured I'd be alright.

I actually came up with an idea - not a great one, but one that would do. Honestly, I don't know if it would have worked very well, but I think, in a room of people who had never taught before, I probably wouldn't look to bad.

I finally prepared it around 12:30, hopped on the train to the Kinko's, but some jerk-off was writing his resume on the only working computer. It costs 30 cents a minute, but it looked like he was going to be there for 3 or 4 hours. I decided to wait, but it was already over - I finally gave up at 1:30 - the email inviting me to the interview said no one would be admitted after 1:30.

So there it is. I walked home really angry at myself. It's possible that I wouldn't have liked this place either, but now I'll never know.

More confused than ever now.