Today I finally gave in and rented a cell phone. I had to go all the way to Narita airport , $10 each way, but this special bonus price I got was still cheaper than anywhere else. On the way home I fit in so well with the other travellers playing games on my phone.

In other news - changed my flight to a month later, the day before my tourist visa expires. Pretty excited - a whole other month to bleed money and not find a job! Seriously, though, I got my first job offer today, I could go in and interview for an Executive Search Consultant (headhunter) job tomorrow if I... well, if I were a different person. I didn't apply for the job - they saw my resume on a job bank. Still, it was nice to see something in my job mailbox. And now I can finally put a Tokyo phone number on my resume. Hopefully that will cinch the deal.

Got sick today, too - yippee! It's beginning to get cold here and I think my body is noticing the change. It's been five years since I've been through an actual change of season!