I surfed washboard to the Salome highway, then headed into the town of Salome, where I picked up some pizza for next to nothing. From there I headed south through RV land down to the interstate.

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Oooo man was the interstate scary. I've been on interstates before, but this was less a highway and more a line of trucks, all moving 75 or more miles an hour. But I got some down hills, and eventually it was over.

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I was excited about a new "welcome to" sign, but I forgot that all you get in California is the inspection station. Lame. The inspector ignored me, so I got into California with a contraband orange. Mwahaha!

I arranged a last minute host the day before through warm showers, a couple that owned a bait shop. From their description it sounded very bland, I thought I would be putting up my tent behind the bait shop and that would be the end of it. But when I got there a bunch of people were gathered outside a woodburning stove drinking beers. They welcomed me in, got me a beer and showed me a simple room with a bed. Then we raided the bait shop/convenience store for my dinner (chili and soup, not worms, for me). Wayne immediately told me I was welcome to stay a couple nights, and after some thought it seemed like a great idea. I'm very close to Twenty Nine Palms, so I'm going to relax, clean up the bike, and relax some more.

Word is Liz is making homemade biscuits and gravy this morning, and she's a fantastic cook by all accounts.