Well, all my worry was unnecessary. I'm here and I love it! (Exhausted though) I got in yesterday, and after a smooth yet tiring trip to the hostel (it took about 2 hours, I think, much of that time with my stupid huge backpack on), I was able to take a shower and go off to meet friends. We had a couple of drinks, then went home early.

Today I went to the Shinjuku area, a madhouse during the mornings, they say, and the station has the most traffic of any in the world, I believe, with 2 million passengers a day. When I went it wasn't so bad. In fact, it is a little odd, but Shinjuku is the more interesting - the other stations are eerily quiet, as thousands of people walk through almost without a word. Somewhat unsettling.

Anyway, I need to get out of here to meet a friend for her birthday. A few pictures without explanation (sorry!). Next time I should have more time.

No caption :( No caption :( No caption :(