This is my reasoning for not updating my blog in several months: nothing much happens these days. I ride my bike to work, then ride home. I usually cook dinner, then watch american TV on my computer; lately I've been reading Margaret Atwood. Nothing to write home about, I think, certainly nothing to write in a blog.

But I've been looking at some pictures, and I've done one or two things lately that might be interesting. And really, though I know there are people interested in what I do, I think a lot more people might be interested in where I live, Tokyo. I've written a fair amount about the city, but lately I've cooled on the topic, just because I live here, and it's not all that exciting most of the time. Still, riding around on my bike these past few months has given me a different picture of the city than I had when I rode the train everywhere; I hope to maybe capture that here some time in the future.

For now though, I'm going to bring out the old photo album to look at some things that have happened over the past year or so, that I neglected to write about. This story goes all the way back to Christmas of 2007, if anyone can remember that long ago, and I think it might just finish around Christmas last year...

For Christmas 2008 I introduced my friend Shinsuke to the wonderful world of hometown American Christmas.