I've had some strange dreams of late. They are of mosquito tourists who are visiting parts of my body before Kim Jung Il vaporizes it. Yes, I'll explain that.

Recently Japan was visited by a group of organic Lawrencians, wishing that they could turn the model city of Ogawa-machi into their sister city rather than the seaside concrete edifice of Hiratsuka, and I joined them. Yes, I'll explain that. Lawrencians, or really, just plain-old Kansans, came to Japan to see the state of the art in organic farming (even ancient practices are subject to thoughtful adjustment and reconsideration), and, knowing a small amount about organic stores and restaurants around Tokyo (as well as having a mother who lives two houses away from the organizer), I was invited to join in on a few activities. I was hoping to see a bit of the life and techniques of the farmers in Ogawamachi, a few hours train ride north of Tokyo, but I guess that will take some work on my own initiative some day soon; still, I did get to meet some people who are, both in Japan and in Kansas, doing some really interesting things. They were people who were committed to the idea of growing things in a way that minimizes the damage agriculture must do, and creating more ethical ways to live life. People who think a lot like I do.