About a month ago, I participated in the Earth Day bike ride here in Tokyo. I'm only now posting something about it because I got pretty sick the next day, and was sick for awhile. Earlier today I found a video of the event, and I thought I'd share it.

The ride was actually not much fun--the route chosen was through main areas of the city, in a well-behaved and rather somber procession alongside cars and their exhaust. It lacked any feeling of camaraderie, something I think is essential for these kind of community events.

But it gave me a good view of the city, and encouraged me to ride home once it was over. I took the train to get there because I live far away from the city center, but the slow 20k ride had me itching to go for a longer, more strenuous ride. I found a fair route home from Shinjuku, something I have been meaning to do since I got here, and ended up riding about 50k for the day, I think. Unfortunately, the weather changed during the day and I got sick. But it was worth it.

Anyway, here is the video. I appear about half-way through, at about 4:55. The video is pretty blocky and it is probably hard to make me out, but I'm the tallest guy in the bunch, high up on my silly folding bike's saddle. They cut out the part where I waved, though!

I also found this video of a ride somewhere in Japan (not sure where, I sure would like to find out!). It gives you an idea of what dedicated cycling roads are like here. This is what I like to do whenever I get a chance!