From tomorrow I will be in Japan.

From tomorrow everything will be different.

I'm both excited and in absolute terror. I really don't know what I'm going to do there - I have a very, very loose schedule, so I'm not even sure where I'll be after the first few days. The feeling is familiar - I felt the same about a trip to Europe many years ago which, I'd have to say, was more failure than success, and about my move to Georgia years later - without doubt a failure, unless you consider the fact that it got me out of Kansas and on the way to a life not confined by that state's boundaries. I don't remember feeling this way about moving to San Francisco, though I probably did. But I think by the time I left Athens I was so ready to begin a new life that anywhere would have been fine. Now I feel I have something to lose, the nearly homelike feeling I have here in SF. But hopefully that is not all. Hopefully this will be much better.

I'm tired, so I won't be going on much longer. I wanted to put up some pictures of Kansas, but that will have to wait.

Good luck to everyone, next time will be from Japan!