Just found out where I'll be living - Tokyo! A place called Gotanno, northeast of the city. If you look at that map and can't read Japanese, Gotanno is the green arrow, and Tokyo's "center", the imperial palace, is a large green spot in the middle, at the very bottom. I won't be exactly in the center of town, but that is a good thing - close enough for easy access to the best of Tokyo (Shinjuku and Shibuya are about an hour away), but far enough away to feel homey (maybe). Plus, it is just next to the Arakawa river, which should be good for night walks after work. I'm not sure yet where I'll be teaching - that's just where I'll live.

It's good to finally know where I'll be - and I couldn't ask for much better. Now I can really start to picture myself there (though in a week and a half I'll be there already anyway).