Quick introduction and explanation:

My name is Jesse Bethel, student living in San Francisco. I'm studying Japanese and Comparative Literature, and should graduate this summer.

Why fireflies and snow? It comes from a Japanese compound, 蛍雪, (keisetsu), which is made up of the Chinese characters for fireflies and snow. It refers to scholars before electricity (and apparently candles) reading by the light of fireflies reflected in the snow. It means diligence in studying, and I thought it was a nice image.

Waiting for the executioner to call... Tomorrow I should hear whether or not I will be going to Japan through the JET program. I have basically been betting my entire future on this one program, and I am really going to be thrown for a loop if I don't get in. Just have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm enrolled in a special study of Japanese Gothic literature this semester. I'm still getting my feet wet, though I'm over half way through the semester. But I've decided to do a research paper in another class about Gothic literature and Romanticism in English, so I'm going to get to do a little surreptitious comparison this semester. Nice how things like that work out.

Found out recently I've been chosen as "Comp. Lit. honoree" for this year's commencement. Had no idea I was being considered and I don't really know what that means, but happy to get it.

Well, that's it for now. I imagine things will get more exciting as time goes on.