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Well, after only three months and 3000 miles, I'm headed home. Fatigue set in somewhere in California, and though I've pushed myself to keep going for about a month now, I've reached a point where I feel it's best to turn back and figure out another plan.

It's been a fantastic trip, and I wouldn't take back any of it. I wish I could have continued on, but then again, I now realize that the breakneck pace of a budget tour through the Americas may not have been the best plan for me. Over and over I've found myself disappointed that I couldn't spend a little more time here, or because of a quirk of the weather I've had to abandon my plans to go there. I really admire the cyclists who are able to go the whole distance. But while I'm glad I dove in and got my first taste of Latin American culture, I think I'd like to explore the area up close, at a slower pace on some later date.

I mentioned in passing that I was thinking of turning back to a fellow traveler the other day, and he said he'd give me a ride back into the US. That clinched it, and in a couple of weeks I'll be making my way back.

I'm currently on the beach in Bahía Concepcíon, the real jewel of my trip. It's just south of Mulegé in Baja California Sur. I'm going to stay a few more days, then ride back to San Lucas to visit Sue and Royce again. Just beyond that is San Ignacio where I'm to meet Steve, who'll give me a ride to the US. From there I'll ride to an Amtrak station and catch a train back to Lawrence.

I know it may disappoint some, but I'm personally satisfied with what I've done. I'm looking forward to traveling more in depth in Mexico, Costa Rica, even Argentina and Brazil in the future. But for now, I'm most looking forward to seeing friends and family and resting for a while!

Thanks again to all those who hosted me, kept me company, or otherwise encouraged me along the way. More than anything I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet so many interesting and gracious people, and I look forward to hosting travelers myself some day soon.