Today was less eventful. I just drove most of the day. 101 is certainly beautiful, as is Highway 5 north of Grant's Pass, but I didn't take any pictures. Photographs just don't do justice to the landscape. And besides, it's tough to take pictures when you are going 70 miles an hour (though I did do that once on a motorcycle with a disposable camera).

Most of the day I listened to Gene Wilder's book on tape Kiss Me Like a Stranger. I bought it mainly because it was $5 at Amoeba Records and I thought it might be interesting to hear about his life. I haven't finished it yet, though I'm almost done. It's fairly interesting, but I wouldn't have continued it were I not driving in a car with little else to do.

I got to Jake's house in Portland about 9 o'clock and was warmly greeted by his youngest daughter, Aya.